Windows 10 vs OS X El Capitan

BANGALORE: Windows 10 is here now after a long wait and the features that are incorporated in this upgraded version look like they are handpicked. Though how new is the Windows 10 , one thing that can be said is that is just a revamp of Windows 8 and Windows 7, making a wonderful mixture that offer the users all the features they actually need, reports Laptop Mag.

While Windows 10 will be the main theme of OS for some days now, lets not forget that there is the upcoming OS X El Capitan from Apple too which can take the place of a competitor. While comparing both the near final version of Windows 10 and public beta of OS X El Capitan, there are factors on which they are compared and from which a verdict can be reached. So Which takes the top? Know more by reading the following points. 


Multi Tasking

Special Features


Web Browsing

Phone integration

Apps and App Store

Sharing and Social Integration



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