Elon Musk launched Grok AI is accessible to users in India

Elon Musk launched Grok AI is accessible to users in India
Elon Musk's xAI reveals the global expansion of its generative AI-driven chatbot, Grok AI, extending availability to India and 46 other countries, such as Pakistan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and more. In a recent update, Musk's X (formerly Twitter) announced the introduction of Grok access to Premium+ subscribers in the US.
Similar to the rest of the world, access to Grok in India will only be available to X Premium+ subscribers in the country, meaning users will have to shell out Rs 1,300 monthly or Rs 13,600 for an annual subscription. In an announcement post in November, xAI noted that Grok is designed to "answer questions with a bit of wit" and has a "rebellious streak". The company also noted that unlike other chatbots on the market, Grok will have access to real-time information thanks to data from X. In addition, xAI had said that Grok will answer questions that are currently rejected by major AI chatbots.
Grok is a language model developed by xAI, which is based on their proprietary technology called Grok-0. With its 33 billion parameters, Grok-0 has been trained to outperform ChatGPT, which is based on the GPT 3.5 language model (free version). According to xAI, Grok can surpass the performance offered by ChatGPT and is a powerful tool for natural language processing.
Soon after Grok was rolled out to users in the US, the chatbot found itself in one major controversy after another. In one case, the chatbot was asked to roast Elon Musk, and true to its promise of having a 'rebellious streak', Grok didn't disappoint. Musk's own chatbot called him a 'delicate flower' and questioned many of Musk's actions, from his obsession with 'x' to the rapid changes made to the former Twitter since its acquisition by the billionaire last year.
Certain users have highlighted that Grok, the creation of its founder, does not reflect the political views of its creator. Additionally, observations have been made that Grok responds to political inquiries in a manner similar to other chatbots. In response to a discussion on Grok's political inclinations, Musk acknowledged and stated that his company is swiftly implementing measures to make Grok more politically neutral.