Tech Mahindra Unveils Populii a Global Crowdsourcing Platform

Tech Mahindra Unveils Populii a Global Crowdsourcing Platform
Tech Mahindra, a prominent provider of digital transformation, consulting, and business re-engineering solutions, has introduced Populii, a crowdsourcing platform designed for gig workers to engage in collaboration with top organizations through micro jobs that involve human-in-the-loop services. This platform aims to offer flexible work options for gig workers while providing businesses with dependable data sourced from skilled and qualified individuals to develop competitive AI algorithms.
Populii will create extensive opportunities for gig job seekers around data management, microtasks, and user studies with industry-leading enterprises. Gig jobs on Populii will include content rating, data collection, data transcription, and data annotation of multiple data types. It will also support enterprises in creating production-grade machine-learning models with the help of a qualified workforce and flexible crowd delivery models, enabling businesses to access a pool of skilled talent for a quick ramp-up.
Birendra Sen, Business Head, Business Process Services, Tech Mahindra, said, "Building competitive next-gen Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions requires substantial time and tapping into talent beyond traditional workplaces. Populii, Tech Mahindra’s crowdsourcing platform, connects enterprises with skilled gig workers globally, helping enterprises accelerate AI solution creation while reducing costs and boosting productivity. Gig workers get access to top AI projects and flexible earning opportunities. We believe Populii will become the go-to platform for both gig workers and enterprises, fueling innovation and fostering AI success".
Populii is positioned as the premier community for job seekers, offering an exceptional platform to discover gig jobs tailored to their schedules, facilitate upskilling opportunities, and guarantee timely payments. Conversely, for enterprises, the platform serves as a source of high-quality and precise data aligned with their business goals. Leveraging the foundation of DataMime, acquired by Tech Mahindra in 2020, Populii presents a solution with customizable workflows to meet customer-specific needs within a secure, multitenant architecture.
The evolution of Populii aligns seamlessly with Tech Mahindra's NXT.NOW framework, a strategic initiative geared towards elevating the 'Human Centric Experience.' This framework underscores Tech Mahindra's commitment to investing in cutting-edge technologies and solutions that facilitate digital transformation and address the ever-changing requirements of customers.