Google Maps Introduces Timeline for Recalling Visited Places

Google Maps Introduces Timeline for Recalling Visited Places
Google has rolled out a new 'Timeline' feature in Maps, designed to assist you in recollecting places you've been to. In the near future, this Timeline will be stored directly on your device, providing you with greater authority over your data. The functionality is driven by a feature known as Location History.
"If you’re getting a new phone or are worried about losing your existing one, you can always choose to back up your data to the Cloud so it doesn’t get lost. We’ll automatically encrypt your backed-up data so no one can read it, including Google", the tech giant said.
Moreover, the company mentioned that when you first turn on Location History, the auto-delete control will be set to three months by default, meaning any data older than that will be automatically deleted. Earlier, this option was set to 18 months. For those who want to save memories to their Timeline for a longer period, they can always choose to extend the period or turn off auto-delete controls altogether.
Over the course of the next year, these updates will be progressively implemented on both Android and iOS platforms. Google has assured users that they will be notified when these changes are applied to their accounts. In a separate update, the company highlighted enhancements to the blue dot feature on Google Maps, which conveniently places essential location controls at your fingertips. By simply tapping the blue dot, you can easily check the status of your Location History and Timeline settings, as well as confirm whether Maps has permission to access your device's location. The updated blue dot controls are set to be introduced in the upcoming weeks for both Android and iOS.
Source: IANS