Smartphone User Frustrations Run High In Asia, Affecting Ecommerce Companies Rackspace Survey Finds

In response to these issues, nearly all consumers (97percent) felt a level of frustration with websites, with one-fifth closing the site and moving on if they experienced a technical problem. Nearly one-third said they would visit the website on their desktop instead. The majority of consumers (40percent) said they would wait 6-10 seconds for the webpage to load before leaving the site, while only a quarter said they would wait longer than 15 seconds for a webpage to load before leaving.

“To retain customers on your mcommerce site, performance and support are key. Companies need to build a premium mobile experience for their customers that is built on speed, security and reliability while simultaneously fixing any IT issues that arise in real-time,” said Adam McCarthy, director and general manager of Rackspace Asia. “To do this, companies should look into partnering with an IT hosting partner that can manage, scale and support their site at all times, allowing online retailers to focus on their customers, sales strategy and long-term growth without worry.”

“Mcommerce is not an option anymore, it’s a must-do,” said Florian Legendre, Bluecom Managing Director. “As mcommerce is growing much faster in Asia than ecommerce, companies must put their mobile strategy as a priority on the business agenda. This means developing an optimized and scalable site for mobile, as opposed to simply adapting a desktop or laptop website design. For ecommerce companies to be successful in mobile, the whole user experience needs to be reviewed.”

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