How Smart Home Technologies are Transforming Our Lives?

How Smart Home Technologies are Transforming Our Lives?

Progressing technology has simplified our lives in various aspects, smart homes technology is one among those. A few years ago, the internet connection was a sheer luxury, but today it has transformed to be one of our basic necessities. This internet connectivity has evolved to an extent that enables us to control the temperature of our house from any corner of the world. This convenience has brought in through smart home automation. The increasing urban population has elevated India's smart home market. According to Statista reports, the smart home market revenue has reached $4,262 million in 2020. Furthermore, it is expected to witness an annual growth rate of 17.1 percent yielding $8,016 million by 2024.

Smart Home Benefits

A smart home enables home automation which introduces the concept of smart living to consumers. Hence, in this technology induced homes, people can enjoy the power to control the entire house through an integrated network. This facilitates the residents to control every device in the home with their smartphones or by voice command. By automating the house operations, the family could enjoy the comfort and luxury the smart home technology brings in. In addition to the comfort level, smart homes aid in entertaining oneself as well as acquiring knowledge through the information obtained from various devices.

Energy Efficient: Conserve to Preserve 

Saving energy has become a major concern of the present generation. After exploiting energy, now people are in search of measure to conserve energy. Smart homes provide a solution for this issue, saving energy is just to minimize the usage. Thus, devices used in smart homes assist in reducing energy consumption and allow the user to supervise and control unnecessary energy usage in new ways. The main advantage of smart home energy conservation is that it doesn't confine energy consumption, but these devices track the user's daily routine and find ways to cut down energy when it is not needed. Alongside, these homes are designed to make the most with the available energy. With this, smart homes could save up to 30 to 40 per cent of energy than regular homes.

Safety- People's Choice

Various factors are involved in the rising demand for smart homes in India. Alongside, the increase in working couples and double income has privileged people to afford for these smart home advantages. Apart from the convenience, safety is the next most crucial feature of these smart homes. These homes provide safety features such as video door supervising, motion sensing-night vision enabled cameras, smart alarms, digital locks, and intrusion sensors that aid in detecting fire or gas-leakage. In today's busy and isolated way of life, these security features tend to catch public attention, as it improves the safety of them as well as their loved ones even in their absences.

With the above points, it is evident that smart homes could aid in saving resources and still provide comfort to its residents. Not to forget the strong security these homes provide which eases the tension of almost every individual who leaves their loved ones at home and gets to work. These facilities certainly prove that smart technologies make our life simpler.