Are Delivery Drones the Next Big Thing in India?

Are Delivery Drones the Next Big Thing in India?

Wouldn’t be nice to have Amazon drones delivering your products at your doorstep? Globally, not only Amazon, but also other giants like Google, UPS, and other European companies are experimenting with the delivery drones. Delivery drones can help save a lot of time, and will completely transform the home delivery space.

Current Scenario in India

India has some rigorous drone policies as compared to other countries. The law mandates users to register drones, which requires pilots to have a license and an operator permit. Additionally, the regulator announced an online platform called Digital Sky, which legalizes all drones in the micro and higher categories (i.e. above 250g and flying over an altitude of 50 feet).

Recently in India, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) took a significant next step in allowing drones for civilian and commercial purposes. However, DGCA has sought information and details from the seven groups that applied for conducting long-range or beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drone experiments. The companies that got selected were Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo, Zipline, Redwing, Tata Advanced Systems, and Honeywell. However, the companies are yet to receive approvals from the DGCA for the BVLOS experiments.

Pros of Delivery Drones

  1. Improves the efficiency level

With the help of GPS technologies, delivery drones can easily navigate to specific addresses without any manual help. Moreover, this technology claims a better success rate compared to the humans delivering the packages.

  1. Efficient time management

When providing services to an organization, the increased efficiency of the delivery drones benefits the consumers and employees involved in the process. Consumers will receive the products faster, which eventually increases their turnover rate and increases productivity.

  1. Safer Delivery System

It offers a safer delivery system comparatively as delivery personnel can sometimes get into accidents or run out of fuel, which will delay the delivery. Drones can deliver on time without getting affected by anything.

  1. Faster Delivery

The most important reason for employing drones is to ensure delivery of products in different regions without any delay. These unmanned aerial vehicles are capable of delivering products within short amount of time in a designated area. Drones can also deliver several items in bulk when consumers need to receive the items quickly and safely.

How India Could Lead the World with Drones

The recent Indian economic innovations are desperate for help especially in the societal challenges like agricultural monitoring on groundwater resources, supply chain and last-mile delivery service providers in the health industry. The delivery drones can be the best possible solution for overcoming these challenges. Also, the infrastructure gaps, awareness and agreement to solve climate challenges can also make India lead the global drone sector. With the rise in population, by 2050 India is going to account for more than 18 percent of the global working-age population. According to recent reports, India, currently, has more than 50 drone start-ups and each demonstrating their abilities with providing cost-effective and efficient drones. India can be a global hub for the next generation of drone technologies.