Contact Centers Reduce Human Dependency and Errors: Saurabbh

Contact Centers Reduce Human Dependency and Errors: Saurabbh

Customer Services were and are always an essential part of any organization and with the fast progressing technology and with the advent of social media keeping a customer satisfied is increasingly gain­ing a lot of importance. One can use Fa­cebook, Twitter or Whatsapp for various reasons as in praise a company’s services or tar its reputations.

In this current economic scenario, the main objec­tive of any organization is to reduce the cost of its op­erations while maintaining its customer’s satisfaction. Every organization needs a contact center analytics solu­tion to help them achieve high-performance standards and to enhance its customer’s satisfaction at significantly lower costs.

In essence, analytics at call centers gives us the power to process large quantities of data and can be used to ex­tract valuable insights which in turn help the agent, team or a BOT achieve their basic objectives. This new tech­nology even enables to convert unstructured data (voice, chats, emails etc) into a structured digital form which can be a part of the valuable data embodying customer interactions at our call centers.

Some major analytics for contact center are:

Call Centre Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics is a fairly new and a rare field and this system automatically analyses interactions of certain language patterns to categorize or tag contacts as con­taining such certain characteristics viz. stress, tempo, agitation, silence etc. and this can help the organization in unearthing inefficiencies in their model and improve processes. All this data helps in providing direct feed­back to management, supervisors and its agents through notifications and reports.

Predictive Analytics

Automated data of structured and unstructured data can provide us with insights into customer behavior. Us­ing this we can discover who our dissatisfied customers is and to take proactive measures to retain them and a customer call can be automatically routed to our expert agents with high skills and empowerment on the basis to churn scores. With their skills in empowerment, empa­thy, resolution abilities and communication skills agents stand a better chance in offering satisfactory solutions to the customers. A lot of analytic programmers merely transcribe the dialogue from a collections call and put it in a text format so that the team can review it later. The process of manually reviewing call text is slow and inefficient and the analysis of past data can also help in capacity planning.

Call Centre Text Analytics

With the explosion of Social Media in our day, today lives there is a paradigm shift that has taken place in the field of Text Analytics. As an Organization we are no longer communicating with our customers through written documents, Emails, Facebook, Twitter, secure messaging, play store or any other text centered media. Text Analytics must review and monitor the sentiments of all messages not only those sent or received from the customers but also those posted on the Social Media. This is vital in viewing all the potential problems from the customer’s lens and at the same time provides an opportunity to the company to acquire new customers.

Web Breakage Analytics

This Analytics address the reasons for customer calls pre/post web visit/mobile app through web interaction optimization analytics. A quick turn around on problem resolutions can significantly reduce customer’s queries and reduce the load on the Contact Center.

Self Service Analytics with the use of ChatBot

Organizations nowadays are finding ways to incentivize self-service channels and by using ChatBOT, machine-based response and with FAQ’s reducing the volume of incoming calls organizations are reducing human dependency and opportunities for errors. However, organizations must ensure that their Self Service Ana­lytics software is regularly updated. It’s like training a machine.

One can also look at Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and with its embedded analytical capabilities this tool provides a holistic picture of the customer’s expe­rience and provides a platform to identify sub-optimal interaction points.

Overall, Contact Center represents the face of the organization where the interactions with customers are less virtual and require a special attention from the man­agement.