YouTube To Offer A Paid, Ad-Free Video Service

BENGALURU: The Google owned popular video service, Youtube, is looking forward to launch paid ad-free videos to its users. This would be a sudden change to the World’s most famous video service which attracts quite a lot of users on it, reports Reuters.

Apparently, according to Susan Wojcicki, a Google senior vice president who heads the YouTube business, a paid video service was “near-term” and gave very mimimal details which included the probable cost for the service too.

“There are going to be cases where people are going to say ‘I don’t want to see the ads or I want to have a different kind of experience’,” said Wojcicki.

However the last year, YouTube came out with a pilot program involving individual content creators to put up a consumer subscription fee to access a particular “channel” of videos. And Wojcicki also talked about the broader subscription service in which consumers would pay to access an ad-free version of YouTube’s huge collection of videos.

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