The Biggest Security Breaches Which Shook The Internet

BENGALURU: With the internet users growing drastically these days, the amount of security breaches are on rise too. So here are some of the biggest cyber attacks of 2014 that have hit some of the top companies like eBay and Sony as compiled by the Firstpost. 

# eBay

eBay said that its network was raided three months ago by the hackers who accessed close to 145 million user records. The Security experts Ebay instructed high alerts for the eBay customers to avoid any fraudulence and especially for the users who had the same password for their other mail accounts. When the network was raided, the leaked database information included names, email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers and date of birth.

# German Aerospace Centre

The German Aerospace centre based in Cologne was hit by hackers too. The attack was a perfectly, well coordinated and secretly targeted one, having all the signs of state-sponsorship. As far as the attack is concerned, the Trojans were so advanced that they self destructed when detected and the Chinese hand was suspected in this attack.

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