5 Latest Wearable Devices to Monitor Health


The fitness craze has hit almost every individual in recent times. On the other hand, the technological advent into every sector has given birth to several new devices that could be used by the individuals all by themselves to keep their health under check. Thus public interest in health monitoring has blown up the wearable market. According to International Data Corporation’s (IDC) report, India has witnessed a drastic growth in the wearable market and has grown by 30.9 percent in the Q2 of 2019 which is 123.6 per cent high in comparison with the same quarter of other years. Also, the country has recorded an all-time high shipment of about three million in just a single quarter. Thus, it has risen to third-position in the wearables market next to China and the US. Let's check out five latest wearable devices that aid in monitoring one's health.