4 Ways How AI Aids Indian SMEs


We are witnessing drastic change all around us after the Artificial Intelligence (AI) invasion into our life. AI has already ventured in almost all the sectors and has eased the workload, as well as enhanced the yields. This also brings in a personalized focus on the business. But the Indian SMEs, being away from technology sphere, has not utilized the benefits of AI thoroughly. Though the SMEs account about 30 percent of the country's GDP and also employ about 460 million people, growth of the SMEs is yet to skyrocket. To develop SMEs, the government of India has inculcated various measures such as loan benefits, slewing other sops and more.

Inducing technology could radically cut down the financial burden on these SMEs, which is the major challenge faced by many small businesses. Here are a few AI-based measures that would solve the problems as well as influencing the growth of SMEs.