ZorroSign Upgrades its Mobile App

ZorroSign Upgrades its Mobile App

ZorroSign, an electronic signature, and digital transaction management solution, launches its next version of its mobile application. By using the latest technology, the native mobile apps would offer improvised user experience and increased safety on their respective mobile platforms. 

"In this major upgrade to our suite of mobile apps, we have made a major leap into the future of 'mobile life' in terms of user experience, privacy, security, and speed of execution. All the ZorroSign proprietary technology used to sign documents and secure business transactions and digital documents against fraud and tampering are central to our mobile experience. This version was totally inspired by the 'Mobile First' movement. This is our way of going totally mobile and living a truly paperless life," says Bharath Manoharan, Territory In-Charge at ZorroSign.

Through the mobile apps, the user can review and sign documents that are shared with them, update their profile, receive instant notification, create signatures, manage their contacts, and also verify the authenticity of the documents.

The new mobile app assures that the ZorroSign users would get access to the latest mobile technology that would support electronic signature to execute Digital Transaction Management processes. Also, this version of the mobile app improves the quality and performance of capturing and would use handwritten electronic signatures. Furthermore, the new mobile app also provides the user with more flexibility, improved efficiency, quick processing time, and error-free document cycles while signing the documents and finishing their business procedure on the go.

 The patent-pending ZorroSign Document 4n6 (forensics) Token Reader functionality would remain central in the mobile experience, and the users could continue to use the features like audit trail, a chain of custody, authentication, and verification of documents. 

"When we created the new ZorroSign app, I concluded it had to achieve one thing, make the user experience the best in the market.  Ultimately, ZorroSign exists to facilitate business processes better more securely while using the latest technologies. Having a well-rounded eSignature and Digital Transaction Management solution available through a fully functioning native app ensures seamless transitions from desktop to mobile and ensures the highest security, where there are no loopholes that unscrupulous people can exploit," says Shamsh Hadi, Co-founder & CEO of ZorroSign.