Wipro to Drive Telecom Infra Project's 5G Adoption

Wipro to Drive Telecom Infra Project's 5G Adoption

Global software major Wipro has entered into an agreement with Telecom Infra Project (TIP) to drive its 5G adoption, the company said on Wednesday.

"Working within TIP, we will be able to deliver the next generation wireless solutions that will have the potential to revolutionize the wireless industry," said Wipro industrial and engineering services vice president Sanjay Bhartiya in a statement.

The agreement between Wipro and TIP deals with integration and validation of OpenRAN technologies developed within TIP, including creation of cost effective, autonomous 5G ready next generation open source OSS/BSS platform to tap advanced analytics, machine learning and identifying new revenue streams, As well as modular end-to-end cyber security model and operations model leveraging Wipro HOLMES artificial intelligence and automation platform, the company said.

TIP, launched in 2016, aims to accelerate telecom industry innovation.

Wipro's scope of work with TIP will also include collaboration between Wipro's 5G initiative, an engineering practice commenced in 2018, academia and industry thought leaders across communications and network equipment providers (NEP).

According to Wipro, the company is investing significantly as part of its 5G initiative to create a TIP-based blueprint for 5G MNO reference and next generation 5G operational model.

Additionally, Wipro's role will include providing interoperability lab services and end-to-end transformation of 5G wireless networks, the company said.

Claiming 360 degree engineering capabilities in 5G value chain, Bhartiya said, "Wipro has been a prominent implementation partner for leading telecommunications and communication service providers and network equipment providers."

Wipro 5G initiative engages with academia, customers, research partners and others, with a lab set up in Bengaluru to incubate potential 5G use cases.

"Wipro is taking an active role in the TIP community to promote collaboration around OpenRan technology and 5G adoption," said TIP executive director Attilio Zani in the statement.

Wipro did not disclose financial details of the TIP deal.

Source: IANS