Will Artificial Intelligence Overcome Human Intelligence in Near Future?

Will Artificial Intelligence Overcome Human Intelligence in Near Future?

The quality of the brain that learns, extracts knowledge, acquires concepts from its surroundings and others is defined as human intelligence, but artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine to perform the same tasks learning from data it receives. If machines can play the intelligence game in the right manner, humans can have a hassle-free life.

In most of the aspects AI still couldn’t match up to human intelligence and in the growing debate about AI’s benefits, AI cannot replace humans anywhere soon. Timo Elliott, Innovation Evangelist, SAP comments, “The rise of artificial intelligence is raising the premium on tasks that only humans can do: it is freeing workers from drudgery and allowing them to spend time on more strategic and valuable business activities. Instead of forcing people to spend time and effort on tasks that we find hard but computers find easy, we will be rewarded for doing what humans do best — and artificial intelligence will help make us all more human”. [Source: Analytics Insight]

The scientific researches should be focused on developing artificial intelligence and work them along with human intelligence. Finding the right perspective would be necessary and working accordingly will enhance the productivity within the broad constraint of privacy and sensibilities. Making a collaborative world for humans and AI, which brings new opportunities for many in numerous different fields is the one appreciated.

“Certainly AI is proving to be an invaluable tool, and intelligent workflow is going to be the labour-saving norm within just a few years. But business processes involve intelligent thought and intelligent behaviour. AI is great at replicating intelligent behaviour, but intelligent thought is another matter. We don’t fully understand how intelligent human thoughts develop, so we’re not going to build machines that can have them anytime soon”, states Scott Robinson, a business expert based out in Louisville, Kentucky. [Source: Analytics Insight].

An impact on human rights is one area where several questions were asked. But as a response to this, International Conferences and high-level committees ensured that humankind will only be benefitted by AI and will not comprise on human rights. In developed countries, there are AI-enabled robots which already started performing primary health check-ups by chatting and interacting with patients.