Whatsapp Voice Calling Charges In India, Its Not Free!

BANGALORE: Whatsapp recently released the voice calling feature, letting you call any contact on your Whatsapp chat list. But here is the tricky part, Whatsapp calling is not free as you think it is, so hold your horses and hear out the issues before you go on with your calls, reports Tech2.

 Apparently, the Whatsapp voice calls charge on our data package if you have one, if not then it will be scrunching through your balance. Having Wi-fi is an exception here, where you talk about the effect of Whatsapp voice calling on data plans and your monthly economic policy.

According to AndroidPit, Whatsapp almost consumes 1.3MB of data in 60 seconds; in the report further it says that the data usage may differ at an average of 960kb, depending on the data plans and the telecom operators.

Whatsapp users are more in India and the voice calling feature is that something which is extensively anticipated and discussed. In India an average 3G data plan costs around 200- 250. So the Whatsapp call per minute will fall under 20 paise per minute, while the normal tele operator services would charge 30-50 paise per minute.

For a 500MB data plan as per Whatsapp voice call gets you around 6 hours of talktime, like the 3G or 4G plans taking in 1.3 MB of data per minute will give you 11 minutes of talktime per day. Also on the receiving end the same amount of data will be taken down, just to receive calls from others. Unlike this feature which may burn your pockets, the traditional won’t take in the amount for receiving call unless you are in roaming zone.


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