What is AR-VR's Impact on Healthcare Industry?

What is AR-VR's Impact on Healthcare Industry?

Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality are evolving to be a stronger support system for the healthcare industry. Usually, in the healthcare industry, the stakes don't witness growth. Thus, the efficiency of the healthcare industry majorly depends on the usage of cutting-edge solutions. The growing popularity of latest technologies among public and funding interests has influenced the healthcare industry to embrace new technologies. According to MRFR, the AR and VR are likely to witness an exponential growth in the healthcare market with a CAGR of 30.2 percent. Let us check out how AR-VR is benefitting the healthcare industry.   


Cardiac arrest can happen to people irrespective of their age, health condition, and background. The persons suffering from a cardiac arrest are likely to survive if they receive CPR immediately. But, in that critical condition, even the trained people get nervous to provide CPR to the patients. Thus, the VR based CPR has emerged as a boon. The VR based CPR training has been receiving a significant response, and it is as effective as training obtained from a certified trainer.  

Treats Severe Pain 

The hospitals could use VR technology to drastically reduce severe pain of the patients admitted in the hospitals. The therapeutic virtual reality is rising as a useful, non-pharmacological treatment mode for pain. Alongside, the VR sessions have also been used to treat anxiety disorders, aid in Physical rehabilitation and to distract patients during painful treatments.

Improved Spinal Surgeries

Recently, it has been observed that spinal surgeries have got better with the use of VR-based simulators. These VR-based simulators aid in assessing and training surgical skills. VR and AR technologies have changed the risky procedures of spinal surgery, by transforming the open surgery into a less invasive one and reducing the recovery time. Thus, these technologies have improved the overall result.

This technological innovation would greatly benefit healthcare technology by enhancing its overall quality of the sector. The tech advancement has given detailed insights into the various medical procedures, thus, the medical centers should invest in the technology to upgrade themselves to provide efficient and successful medical procedures to their patients.