VXL Software Launches User-Friendly Illumineye Digital Signage Solution

 VXL Software Launches User-Friendly Illumineye Digital Signage Solution

One of the market leaders in Thin Clients and endpoint management softwares, VXL Software launches its new Illumineye Digital Signage solution which is a complete software and media player package, that allows users to effortlessly create, manage and schedule digital signage displays and campaigns.

Kerman Rana, Country Head, VXL, comments, “We foresee a huge demand for digital signage across many business sectors including retail, hospitality, education, QSR, healthcare to name a few. Our aim is to provide both a cost effective as well as a user-friendly solution that can be used by everyone and all businesses”.

Engineered to be user-friendly, Illumineye Digital signage requires no previous design skills to achieve highly creative and powerful digital signage. It handles everything from creation of campaigns, building from supplies templates to the deployment of such campaigns locally over a LAN or over the internet. The campaigns are developed quickly and effortlessly, incorporating text, images, tickers, video, audio and much more.

However, VXL’s Illumineye digital signage consists of three powerful apps, namely, a) Illumineye Creator:  A highly creative, multi-user application with wizard-based guidance for easy of use, it is used to build the campaign’s creative design. Supporting most images, audio and video formats, Illumineye Creator also incorporates creative effects such as shadow and reflection. It comes bundled with a variety of transition effects for images and pre-loaded templates with maker-checker functionality to create campaigns quickly. b) Illumineye Scheduler: This Windows Server based tool is used to schedule playlists and manage/monitor the media player(s). It uses ISS and Web Services and has Multi-User capabilities with roles and groups. The application comes pre-reloaded with a variety of scheduling models and emergency announcements. c) Illumineye Player:  Illumineye’s robust IQL media player is equipped with a high-performance CPU and Linux OS. Feature rich with Bluecasting for a wider reach, as well as options to auto hide components, the user can also use the media player to download encrypted campaign data and upload screenshots. Supporting HD and 4K UHD displays, the IQL media players have no moving parts, come with a three- year warranty and are designed to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The live data feed of the Illumineye provides the users the ability to pull real-time information from an SQL database or Excel spreadsheet within the local network drive, using CIFS or FTP. Compatible with Quividi’s audience measurement software, the smarter digital signage experience that analyzes user’s views and engagement, Illumineye’s Digital Signage incorporates a convenient cloud-content upload solution via Microsoft OneDrive or Amazon S3 to simplify content upload and control.

Founded in 1976, VXL is one of the global providers of leading enterprise software solutions and it successfully builds efficient IT infrastructures that are flexible, secure, manageable and affordable. Headquartered at Manchester, VXL’s corporate HQ and dedicated team works at Mumbai and manufacturing facility in Bengaluru. It supplies innovative hardware an dsoftware solutions that help and support businesses across the world to build an IT infrastructure that is efficient, flexible, secure and cost-effective.