Very Soon, Indians Can Use Websites in their Native Language

Very Soon, Indians Can Use Websites in their Native Language

The Indian government is aspiring to offer Internet content in the regional languages to remove the language barrier among Indians. Thus, the government is urging the firms to solve language-related problems in India. The country is opting for a technical solution to eliminate the language barrier among Indians during their conversation.

"We need a method through which any Indian using his or her language should be able to converse with any user in any other Indian language without the impediment of English as a link language. This is the kind of goal we have set," says Ajay Prakash Sawhney, Information Technology Secretary.

Also, global and local companies are expected to make an attempt to achieve real-time speech-to-speech translation ability. According to reports, about 0.055 percent of websites have Hindi contents followed by Bengali being the next Indian language. At present, corporate companies maintain numerous websites for the Government of India. Most of the website contents are in English and part of it are available in Hindi as well.

Currently, the websites are not available in other Indian languages. Thus, the government is looking forward to make the website content available in other Indian languages. Hence, insisting the corporate companies to find a solution to solve the language-related problems in India. This measure is initiated to help the large mass of non-English speaking people to access the digital governance services with ease.

Besides, the FICCI ICT and Digital Economy Committee co-chair Ajay Data has insisted that the government-run National Internet Exchange and National Informatics Centre should provide the website name-registration facility in the desired native language.