UST Global Announces New Offeringsas More IT Operations and Workloadsare Shifted to the Cloud

UST Global Announces New Offeringsas More IT Operations and Workloadsare Shifted to the Cloud

UST Global, a leading digital transformation solutions company,today announcedthe launch of two new cloud offerings,UST CloudDesk andUST MultiCloud Manager, in response to an increased global demand for secure, stable solutions that enable boundaryless workplace and multi-cloud management for enterprises. As organizations strive to provide uninterrupted services and maintain business continuity in the ‘New Normal’, many organizations are looking to the cloud for delivering critical functions.

USTCloudDesk Boundaryless Digital Workplace Solutionenables remote work by centralizing control, management, and security over enterprise-wide data and services in Public and Private Cloud. CloudDesk offers acloud-agnosticsolutionto support end-to-end managed workspacesthat can be accessed from any device (corporate-owned or personal). The unique capability of UST CloudDesk enables enterprises to move these workloads seamlessly between different cloud platforms and thus eliminates the vendor lock-in. It also facilitates privilege and identity access management to secure endpoints and protect an organization’s data. An additional layer of Cyber Security brought by UST Global makes the workloads completely secured from cyberattacks. This is made available to customers at highly competitive pricing, and At-No-Cost to start.

“Going Digital is no more an option! It’s not only for the external business user environments but is also required for the internal end-user IT environments. You have to go Digital internally and externally” saidMuraleekrishnan Nair, Global Head – Cloud Infrastructure Services, UST Global,“Remote Desktop solutions like CloudDesk are critical to provide agility, security,and governance over scattered data stored in end points and provide secure connections to apps hosted in data centers and the cloud. This reduces a lot of risk for organizations that operate in heavily distributed environments.”

Enterprises with a hybrid Cloud strategy need a single-pane view of all of their IT environment, to minimize non-standard configurations, gaps in compliance and security,and non-optimized workloads.UST MultiCloud Manager addresses these problems and improves the experience and productivity of developers and allows centralized management of MultiCloud Environments. Built on UST Global’s Design for Happiness framework, MultiCloud Manager helps organizations with faster releases and faster go-to-market. Persona based views in MultiCloud Manager brings different views like cost, availability, performance, compliance, and utilization to address the requirements of the CIO and IT Leadership. Self-service and automation in this platform are designed to make Cloud Ops a Zero-Touch-Operation.

“We’re seeing a shift to smarter automation approaches that allow IT organizations to flex and pivot in these challenging times. With better visibility and control, IT teams can focus oninnovative projects that were not generating enough ROI when processes were managed manually. UST Global is proud to introduce a suite of cloud infrastructure management tools that streamline cloud operations and policy compliance, optimize cost, and enable remote work,” saidNiranjan Ramsunder, Chief Technology Officer,UST Global.

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