TrackEx' Streamlining ITES Industry with state of the art technology

TrackEx' Streamlining ITES Industry with state of the art technology
TrackEx, a pioneering Travel & Expense (T&E) Management company and a subsidiary of global digital transformation consultants MSRCosmos group  launches integrated  travel and expense management solutions for the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) industry. 
Their Travel &Expense management system has consistently offered users, administrators, and finance operations across an organization with accurate, streamlined, and scalable processes.
The TrackEx 'T&E Management Service' solution will allow enterprises in a variety of industry sectors to easily handle travel-related reimbursement and reporting. This productized service exemplifies how TrackEx can assist customers in reimagining fundamental enterprise processes and engineering intuitive services and solutions that enable breakthrough productivity in the mobile-first cloud-first environment.
Large firms with considerable business travel needs generally have a large team in place to manage workers' business travel bookings and reimbursements. The testing and evaluation process is time-consuming and complex, with a non-intuitive engagement style that does not always adjust to company and user needs.
The software will automate up to 80% of travel and expense workflow for a company enabling employees to optimize savings on every trip. Employees will enjoy access to a large range of airfare, car and hotel offers at reduced rates. They can avail a wide range of global inventory that makes booking from anywhere in the world a simple procedure. TrackEx’s automated processes claims to save up to 70% of the company’s time along with speedy and on time reimbursements for their staff. 
TrackEx also introduces Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology through its systems. This technology, with intelligence, can detect information on single or multiple invoices. Companies can now have receipts scanned effortlessly and on-the-go. 
TrackEx’s offering will also enable prepaid card integration for ITES companies which will help digitise fund management with ease. 
"With business travel coming back on track post the pandemic, it is high time the retail industry embraces automation especially in fields that are paperwork-intensive like travel expense management. Teams in ITES businesses travel frequently and need reliable support that helps them keep their focus on business operations and be worry-free while travelling for work purposes.." - said TrackEx COO Mr. Vedavyas Komara
In addition, he said, "TrackEx believes in the power of innovation to help businesses achieve greater results. Businesses that use our T&E Management Service solution can save up to 60% on total travel and expense management expenditures while also improving employee experience.", 
TrackEx's Service is intelligent, scalable, and provides tremendous value to expanding enterprises without compromising user experience or support quality.
TrackEx's' travel and expense management service' solution will develop an intuitive, user-friendly, cloud-based mobile and web application with enterprise and third-party API (Application Program Interface) integration to make this process seamless and efficient." It will deliver intuitive performance and insights similar to other social apps. The application will make it simple to arrange airline tickets, hotel rooms, and ground transportation. Aside from that, the solution will make it easier to track and report expenses, as well as improve accounting alignment with business rules and standards.
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