Top 8 Efficient Tech Advancements of 2015

BENGALURU: Technology has the power of reaching people anywhere helping them connect with other people all around the world. It made our world look small with smart reach-ability and to see things in a transparent manner. Each day in an year passes by there is a new advent in the field of technology to better our lives or giving us a chance to set things right for the next generations to come, compiles National Geographic.

We all are responsible for our Mother Nature; there is no one in this world that hasn’t had the taste of technology in their lives. But being responsible for the mess we have made here and taking the last chance to do it correct this time should be appreciated. Again, here we depend on technology to help ourselves. Dozens of clean-energy ideas and products debuted this year that could transform how we live. Here are the 8 Tech breakthroughs in the year 2015 that could help power the world:

Self-Driving Vehicles

The world’s biggest companies like Alphabet Inc, the parent company of Google, Apple, Tesla and so on are investing mammoth of money into self-driving cars or nicknamed ‘Robocabs’. It is believed that introducing these self-driving cars would eventually reduce traffic and number of accidents.

Fuel Cell Cars

The hybrid car ‘Prius’ from Toyota is already on roads and doing appreciable job in saving energy. The company is looking forward to build and produce fuel-cell cars, the Mirai, which converts hydrogen into electricity, made its debut in California and would be available soon for the international market.

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