These Applications Can Help You Find a Working ATM

BENGALURU: After the sudden demonetization move from the government, a nearby working ATM is probably a top concern in minds of most people right now. People are worried as well as confused about their money, making the last couple of days chaotic as everyone is thronged to banks and ATMs. Even though the authorities are working hard to reduce complications and fill ATMs on regular basis, unavailability of notes and outdated technology in ATM machines are adding up to the hurdle.

Many have stood in long queues only to find out that the ATM ran out of cash. As technology and internet are ruling the digital world, there are several ATM finder applications popping up in the app stores these days. An ATM Finder application lets you find out nearby ATM’s of any banks.  Not only applications, but several third part websites as well as Google Maps also allow users to find nearby ATM’s. The websites in most of the banks are also designed with a map that shows the banks ATM’s in the location where the user requests for.

While, most of the ATM finder applications show only nearby ATM’s, the CMS ATM Finder application assists in finding if a particular ATM is working or out of cash. CMS is the fifth largest ATM management company worldwide, and over 50 percent of all the ATM machines in India are managed by the CMS group.

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