The Much Hyped Technology Leaks Of 2014

BANGALORE: The evolution of the internet these days and a wide range of technology developments through camera phones and portable cameras have made the pictures of the smart phones and the gadgets available to the people much prior to their launch.

Thanks to the wide popularity of social media and some websites which are only into tracking spy shots, the smartphone enthusiasts can foresee the device’s form factor and the design much before its official launch. So, here are some gadgets which had their spy shots on the internet as compiled by the economic times. 

# iPhone 6

The much hyped and anticipated launch of 2014 had the spy pictures out in February. The rumor included that the phone will be out with screen sizes that is the 4.7-inch and the 5.5-inch device. Other leaks include its high resolution display and completely new design details.

It was anticipated that the iPhone 6 will have a sapphire glass display and a much better camera on it. By the time Apple released the phone most of the updated features like the bill payment options using the Touch ID and design details were out.

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