TechVantage introduces industry agnostic Customer Analytics framework to provide a seamless customer experience

analyticsDecision Making is the key for any business to succeed. An effective Customer Analytics strategy is imperative for a business to identify high-value customers from the customer behavior data. This is what will enable businesses to take decisions on which customers they need to focus on. But the use of predictive analytics and data insights to forecast customer behavior and performing customer segmentation is a complex task.

Companies like Techvantage Analytics that has expertise in Machine Learning, Big Data and AI work closely with industries to solve some of these challenging problems in Customer Analytics. Over a period of time, the approach is no longer one of building custom solutions from the scratch, but more use of reusable frameworks and a man-machine model (Augmented intelligence) to achieve results quickly.

Some of TechVantage's proprietary frameworks that provide results in weeks rather than months are:

C Churn

This churn framework can run on data and predict the customers that are likely to churn (churn propensity) and likely time they will churn. The in-built dashboard can display such customers by different dimensions subject to data availability. For example: 

1. Lifetime Value Segments 

2. Region

3. Ethnic Group

4. Occupation Group

C Clone

C Clone is a framework that helps in identifying prospects from a partner customer database (or from any other larger prospect database)

C Value

C Value is a plug and play Customer Life Time value framework that works with even non-contractual customer relationships (like Retail) and provides the monthly trend of customers and their average purchases. C Value also provides views of current customer base by different dimensions.

C Loyalty

If a business wants to start maintaining information about their customers, C Loyalty is a lightweight, paperless, cloud-based, AI-powered Loyalty Program that only takes a matter of few minutes to get started! 

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