Synaptics Announces Optical-Based Fingerprint Sensors For Smartphones

SAN FRANCISCO: Synaptics, a human interface solution developer has unveiled "Natural ID FS9100" optical fingerprint sensor family for smartphone and tablets, which is capable of high-resolution scanning through 1mm of full cover glass and enables clean, button-free industrial designs.

The FS9100 optical solution excels with wet finger performance, and being protected by glass, is durable, scratchproof, waterproof, and eliminates ESD concerns.

"Synaptics' FS9100 family of fingerprint sensors represent a new breed of optical fingerprint sensor technology that is designed to meet the needs of mobile devices, including the ability to image through thick 2.5D glass," said Anthony Gioeli, Vice President, Marketing, Biometrics Product Division, Synaptics, in a statement.

Unlike optical fingerprint sensors used for access control and public biometric identity verification, the advanced FS9100 sensor leverages unique Synaptics optical technology developed for mobile devices and breaks through key technical barriers with an extremely thin form factor and minimal power consumption.

Natural ID FS9100 optical fingerprint sensors are designed for placement under the cover glass, including 2.5D glass, located in the front, bottom bezel of devices.

FS9100 optical fingerprint sensors feature Synaptics' SentryPoint technology, offering OEMs a wide-range of unique and highly secure authentication features including Quantum Matcher with PurePrint anti-spoof technology.

PurePrint examines fingerprint images using unique artificial intelligence technology to distinguish between fake and actual fingers, the company said.

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Source: IANS