'Software-Defined Data Centres, 5G Telephony To Define Future Technology'

LAS VEGAS: Software-defined data centres and fifth generation telephony will define the future of technology world in the next five to 10 years, feels Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO, Dell Technologies.

"If we look ahead in the next 5-10 years, I do see couple of things happening. Software defined data centres will become pretty much defacto standard," Dell said.

"Another thing we see in the five-year time frame, is the emergence of 5G cellular network. Japan is leading the way, but we expect it will be a global phenomenon," he said at the Dell EMC World 2017.

Saying that 5G cellular network is all about data, Dell said its low latency characteristics will create a new kind of computing cloud, that is different from cloud of today.

Speaking about the fast changing nature of technology and its impact on industry, he said: "Every industry is having to reimagine itself given all these new access today. They want to be proactive to protect themselves from new companies showing up."

It is always a fast changing super interesting business, said Dell.

Talking about the company's focus, he said: "We are very focussed on infrastructure. We want to be the essential infrastructure company for this fourth industrial revolution."

He reiterated that the personal computer business remains at the core of Dell's business.

"We make PCs but we are focussed on the data centre, enterprise and commercials."

Earlier he had said: "Clearly what Dell Technologies has done is just beyond PCs. But PCs are still very important to our customers and to us. Actually for us, the average selling price of PCs are going up and not down. The revenues of the PC business is up. And with that our share in PC market is going up as well."

Dell EMC employs around 140,000 people in 180 countries across the world. It has a combined revenue of $74 billion.

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Source: IANS