Sanjay Chowdhry on Data Center & Server

Sanjay Chowdhry on Data Center & Server

Data Center : Heart of any Organization

Now a day's IT heads are addicted to many buzz words & one of them is cloud. They are moving away from the traditional approach of having Data Centers inside their Organizations & carried away with the cloud wind. I fail to understand the approach of shifting your Data Centers to any public, Hybrid or so called the most secured private cloud. How can your organization (body) live without Data Center (heart)? By choosing cloud approach it seems to me that Organization is running on ventilator. Anyone can pluck or detach any wire & your organization is dead. Moreover you don't know who is doing what with your critical data. Organization is totally dependent upon third party hands & on their mercy.

Data Center : Capex Vs Opex approach

I am a firm believer of Capex approach rather than an Opex model. Why we should choose opex model when even after spending millions of dollars that assets (servers) does not belongs to you? Organizations actually end up paying huge amount in comparison with Capex model. Yes, I agree Capex requires maintenance team & indirect cost like electricity, Temperature controllers, Humidifiers etc but still Opex overweighs the capex model. Most importantly, you will never feel of having any Data Centre of your own if you place it in cloud. This feel is very important & actually it propels the CIOs / Heads to make your Data centers more advance in terms of technology, security & environment-friendly. If Data Centers are in the cloud you will stop to think in terms of innovation, optimization, cost effectiveness & so on & leave everything to the third party to do it for you. Mind it : They will give you many propositions according to their planning & structure and you have to adopt one of them.

Way Forward

Data Centers should be situated inside premises of our organizations. It will definitely give you better control over your IT assets & their management. Yes, first time investment would be more but it will not pinch in the later run and when you calculate ROI on YOY basis. One can definitely choose an hybrid model & can keep some services on the cloud (This is also to give an sense or appeal to others that organization is aware about cloud offering & its technologies. Now a days in the era of social media, organizations are considered outdated if you have nothing on cloud.) In every technology meeting, one of the discussion is which cloud partner you are using & what services are running on cloud. But I don't want to run in the same direction as others are running without thinking upon it. Rather I would like to give a serious thought of running against the wind as it will have very less takers.