Samsung India Targets 70% Sales Contribution from Bespoke AI Devices by 2025

Samsung India Targets 70% Sales Contribution from Bespoke AI Devices by 2025
Samsung India's Head of Digital Appliances, Saurabh Baishakhia, announced that the company anticipates its AI-powered Bespoke appliances to drive 70% of sales in the country by 2025. This revelation follows Samsung's unveiling of Bespoke home appliances equipped with AI capabilities and enhanced connectivity.
Baishakhia emphasized that these appliances, incorporating enhanced connectivity and AI, elevate consumer experiences, redefining the concept of smart homes. The objective, he stated, is to fortify Samsung's premium portfolio and bolster its presence in the premium appliances sector.
Samsung's Bespoke lineup in India comprises refrigerators, air conditioners, microwaves, and washing machines, all now integrated with AI technology. The company aims to surpass customer expectations in the burgeoning premium appliances market.
The latest Bespoke appliances feature built-in Wi-Fi, internal cameras, and AI chips, facilitating seamless connectivity and convenient home management through the SmartThings Application. Additionally, they come equipped with Bixby AI Voice Assistant, enabling users to control appliances effortlessly through voice commands.
For instance, users can command their Family Hub refrigerator with phrases like 'Hi Bixby! Show me what's inside the refrigerator' or 'Hi Bixby! Turn on the WindFree mode in the air conditioner'. Samsung's Bespoke AI appliances represent a leap forward in home automation, promising a sophisticated and intuitive user experience.