Robot CEO: Is it Efficient to Manage C-Suite?

Robot CEO: Is it Efficient to Manage C-Suite?

Automation has been a buzzing topic for a long time now. This indeed has grabbed the attention of the organization to leverage automation irrespective of their fields and sector. A report published by Nesta in 2018 has forecasted that close to 40 to 60 percent of job loss is expected with robotics and artificial intelligence is growing stronger by 2030. This is resultant of companies turning towards automation in every field and sector. At this pace, the global artificial intelligence market size has been estimated at $ 62.35 billion in 2020 and is likely to expand at a CAGR of 40.2 percent from 2021 to 2028. But, robots managing the C-Suite, is it an ideal choice?

Although, this information might raise our eyebrow with several questions popping up in our mind on the efficiency of the robot CEO. However, this was predicted long ago, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma had previously proclaimed the advent of robot CEO and it would even be featured on the cover of Time Magazine. Not just him, but SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son has also forecasted that machine learning would take charge at a rapid pace by 2047.

Every change comes with its own pros and cons. Considering the CEO’s compensation being too high the firms might choose to swap them with the automated one or what we call a robot CEO. Although the robot CEO could be considered proficient as they could continuously work for long hours without taking any breaks in between, also eliminates any error or miscommunication. However, this is not the case with humans as they cannot commit to working continuously without any break or relaxation. Unlike robots, humans are emotional beings that could have a major impact on the efficiency of their work and environment. Thus, a robot CEO could make a huge difference.

Humans Vs Robot

Alongside this, there could be some negative effects of the robot CEO not possessing emotional intelligence and it could be difficult to manage its human subordinates. Additionally, the increasing cyberattacks are the other major bothersome issue while installing robot CEO there could be a high possibility of tampering or hacking the robot CEO has it is computer built, this, in turn, could draw several other events that could hinder the operation of the organisation. 

Yet, the robot CEO could bring in various other substantial benefits for the organizations. It could aid in taking more solid and objective decisions. This move would help the firm to attain a higher level of certainty in decision-making. Furthermore, as we know this robot could continue work round the clock without any break or holiday which would, in turn, complete the task in half the time as compared to the humans. It is also to be noted that the robot CEO would not need any compensation, other perks and more except for the installation charges. However, it would lack the human aspects such as empathy, creativity, networking, values, emotional intelligence, soft skills and more as these plays a crucial role in the work environment. This is evident as the organization gives equal weightage to these qualities on par with the educational background and work experience.

With the present scenario, it is certainly hard to predict in the near future that would robots replace humans in the boardrooms. The firms would need continuous interaction among managers and the AI would certainly aid in making a better decision.

The great organisation come together inspiring people rather than efficient machines, as the customers who symbolize companies’ main concern are humans who come with a requirement that needs to be fulfilled and not robots with a set of instructions already programmed. However, this might never change with AI. Generally, we humans tend to get influenced and act corrupted. This is troublesome as they are given the liberty to make their own decision for the wellness of the organization. On the other hand, it’s the contrary with the robots, the robot’s actions could be changed with just a click and the hackers are exceptionally good at it. This indeed put the entire firm’s information at risk. The robot CEO cannot take their own decision it has to be operated by the people at the management level.

The researchers at the Kaspersky Lab have revealed that the robot as CEO can be intriguing and they could destroy the organisation with just a click. But a robot CEO is unlike this, it could be manipulated with just a click by the cyber-attackers. This hints that the whole of the company’s data and programming would go for a toss; and there is no security to it in any way. The robot CEO cannot make decisions on its own, and it has to be operated or monitored by humans. The Kaspersky Lab researchers have revealed that a robot CEO can be captivating, as they come with a lot of concerns but that may even ruin the company in a wink of an eye. Cyber Attackers are drawn towards ransome and if the robot could get it easily then, they are prone to exploit this situation and take charge of all the chances of ruin the firm.

The firmware level attack that occurred in 2015 has been a huge threat that was difficult to detect. It is possible to attack the robots that can make critical decisions and influence them. This can be the greatest challenge while installing robot CEOs.

Thus, a robot CEO comes with concerns as well as automated efficiency, but a human CEO is certainly advantageous to the company and a robot CEO could be installed to assist a human CEO that would aid in uplifting the organization to the next level.