Reopening After COVID -19: An Exit Strategy Kit For Talent Leaders

Reopening After COVID -19: An Exit Strategy Kit For Talent Leaders

The COVID-19 crisis has struck the world with a terrifying speed. In a matter of weeks, the world’s economy had slowed down like never before. Operations around us were pulled in two directions - the surge of some services to meet the crisis, while on the other hand adjust to physical distancing and stay-at-home orders. However, it can’t be an on-going exercise anyone, the lockdowns need to be lifted to restart the operations and to open the economy.

Therefore, as talent leaders, we need to be prepared by considering all possibilities, preparing well, and building a shock-proof and resilient workforce. Many of us have already used the crisis as an opportunity to learn lessons of humanity, prediction, strategy, action, perspectives, and rebalanced our scales.

The challenges are real, but these are also opportunities to reimagine our collective future. This is an opportunity for organisations to fix policies and structures internally and emerge stronger from the pandemic crisis. COVID is certainly an unprecedented humanitarian crisis across the globe, and if not dealt with correct precautionary measures may lead to the extinction of mankind.

A safe and smooth exit from the lockdown after following all the government directives would be the practical approach of all businesses. To some extent, restarting after the lockdown also means redesigning. Organisations will need to transform their policies, culture, and the way of work to succeed in a changing environment. The optimal balance between planning immediate steps and architecting a new future will vary from businesses but this is something which is unavoidable and needs to be thought through in advance by keeping productivity and business continuity as the prime focus.

To help talent leaders navigate through this journey and prepare for a smooth exit after the lockdown, Darwinbox (an end-to-end HRMS Software) has built an exit strategy kit for CHROs & the entire HR community.

In this Kit you will learn:

  • How to prepare for Day One & ensure workforce safety?
  • How to mitigate anxieties & improve workforce readiness?
  • How to judge who returns first & plan for role-wise staggered exit?
  • How to plan beyond Day One for the short, middle & long term?
  • Recommendations on relevant business & people strategies for the Post-COVID world.

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Covid 19 Exit Strategy Kit