Prama Hikvision Smart Technology Show Evangelizes Intelligent Solutions and Technology Leadership

Prama Hikvision Smart Technology Show Evangelizes Intelligent Solutions and Technology Leadership

Mumbai, 4th March 2020: Prama Hikvision, India’s market leader in video surveillance products and solutions, curated an exclusive Smart Technology Show in Mumbai to evangelize intelligent technologies and solutions with the demonstration of some of its latest as well as forthcoming innovations. Hikvision’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) Applications driven by Deep Learning Algorithms were demonstrated through various application scenarios related to Face Recognition, People Tracking and Perimeter Security. Several emerging technologies (AI Solutions) and advanced applications (Traffic Violations, VIP Recognition, People Counting, Heat Mapping and Business Intelligence) were showcased at the show highlighting Hikvision’s intelligent solutions and tech-leadership in the security industry.

Mr. Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, PramaHikvision India said,"Smart and Intelligent trends are driving the Indian security industry into a new growth cycle, while promoting advanced security solutions through transformative technologies like AI, IoT, Big Data and Video Analytics. We are providing cutting edge technology solutions to our consumers to ensure a great end-user experience. Our ‘Make in India’ manufacturing facility is a remarkable milestone in our decade long journey and we are committed to expand our Make in India mission further by manifesting the maxim ‘Made in India, Made for India, Made by India’.”

“Hikvision's core technologies includes Facial Recognition, ANPR, False Alarm Reduction, Color Imaging 24/7, Ultra Low Light Imaging, 4K Resolution, Smooth Streaming, Thermal Imaging, Seamless Image Stitching, Power over Coax, Power over Ethernet, H.265 plus Codec, Direct Streaming and Alarm Verification", Mr Dhakan added. 

Mr. Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, PramaHikvision India Pvt. Ltd. demonstrating the capabilities of Hikvision Cameras at  the Experience Center

Intelligent Security Technologies

Prama Hikvision, the India’s market leader in video surveillance products and solutions, is driving the future of surveillance in India with an intuitive integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its cutting-edge products and solutions and setting new benchmarks in the security and surveillance industry.

Prama Hikvision offers latest solutions in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology, AI Cloud, Deep Learning, which are leading the tech trends in the global scene and also redefining the Indian Security market and creating new growth opportunities. The company also offers Machine Vision, Robotics and Factory Automation solutions to bolster the Industry 4.0 trends in the Indian manufacturing sector.

The event also showcased the latest AI enabled cameras including DeepinView cameras and DeepinMind NV These AI enabled solutions boast a bundle of intelligent features such as facial recognition, vehicle recognition, object detection, people counting, behaviour analysis, and much more.

Smart Security Solutions

The LIVE demos of Smart Home (EZVIZ Smart Home Products and Solutions), Video Surveillance (DeepinView Camera, DeepinMind NVR, Easy IP 4.0, ColorVu and AcuSense Cameras), Access control (Face Recognition Terminals), Perimeter Security (Security Radar), and Intrusion Alarm (AXHub Hybrid) product categories were displayed during the show. In the special product category, walk-through Metal Detector, Smart Pole, Interactive Screen and Transparent LED Screen were displayed at the Prama Hikvision Smart Technology Show.

Mr. Ashish P. Dhakan , MD & CEO ,PramaHikvision India Pvt. Ltd.  showing the Make in India manufacturing facility to guests from media

‘Make in India’ Manufacturing Facility Visit

The Smart Technology Show concluded with a tour of PramaHikvision’s state-of-the-art ‘Make in India’ Manufacturing Facility in Vasai, near Mumbai. The facility is India’s first and largest integrated world-class security and surveillance products manufacturing facility – a milestone achieved by PramaHikvisiion in the electronic security manufacturing sector. The facility was inaugurated in 2019 by Dr. V.K. Saraswat- Member, NitiAayog, Former Director General of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Former Chief Scientific Advisor to the Indian Minister of Defence and Dr NeerajSinha - Advisor, Science & Technology, NitiAayog. The mammoth manufacturing facility, built at an investment commitment of INR 500 crore, has a production capacity of 1.5 million cameras per month, and has been manufacturing a record number of products since its launch. The company is focused on building this facility and has plans underway to cater to the fast growing domestic demand in a phased manner.

‘Make in India’ Manufacturing Facility Factsheet

Employing over 2000+ skilled and semi-skilled employees, the brown-field facility is spread over 900,000 sq.ft., and comprises of end-to-end production capabilities, which also supports an initial localization target of 50% with gradually transitioning to 100% localization. The facility is certified with ISO 9001:2015 (quality management system), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Safety Systems), ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System) and UL certifications. The PramaHikvision’s state-of-the- art manufacturing facility has the capability to manufacture over 850 product models out of total 3000 Products.

Mr. Dhakan, said, "This integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is an expression of our full commitment to the Government of India’s flagship ‘Make in India’ program. We remain committed as a long-term partner of the country and continue to pursue our vision of ‘Make in India for a Safer India’ with manifold commitments. We have so far invested Rs 500 Cr in this new plant with further investment commitments in the pipeline to ramp up productions, local R&D, skilling and giving back to the communities. This new unit has an installed capacity to make 1.5 million cameras per month. It has multiple lines that does surface mount technology level manufacturing and enables us to make electronic chips and cameras locally instead of importing them. To upskill a significant part of the workers in this factory, we have developed in-house training programs comprising world-class modules thus bringing them into the mainstream socio-economic fold.”

“Prama Hikvision has embarked on a transformative journey with ‘Make in India’ mission, we are committed to serve the nation with India specific products and solutions to fulfil the local and vertical specific requirements”, concluded Mr. Dhakan.

Source: Press Release