Pixemix.com launches India's First Technology Marketplace for Creative Works for the World

Pixemix.com launches India's First Technology Marketplace for Creative Works for the World

Artists, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Illustrators and an entire aspiring creative community, as well as local & global businesses have a reason to celebrate, as Pixemix.com has created a first-of-its-kind online creative destination that enables the community to showcase and sell their finest works to a discerning national and international audience, who can source creative works beyond borders effortlessly. 

It is India's solution to the creative challenges that every business/brand faces throughout its journey, across the globe. Pixemix.com is not only a boon for the creative community but a true saviour to businesses, marketeers & agencies looking to buy the license for high quality readymade, curated and editable content for their everyday needs.

The current scenario of economic slowdown have affected businesses globally. Hiring a design or any creative resource, managing and retaining them, not just increases the fixed cost for the company but also challenges the economy of time & effort. The design & creation process has always been expensive, time-consuming, and has so many moving parts that achieving the desired results can end in a hit or miss. Pixemix.com removes the need for such elaborate endeavours, doesn't break the bank, and offers a vast  array of creative options from bonafide global talent that is best suited for brands. 

When you buy from pixemix.com you save big on cost & time, get high quality editable creatives, which are ready to use and print & come with instant download. 

Piyush Bhandari says "Pixemix is India’s creative gift to the World. A lightning-fast one-stop solution for all your high-quality creative needs. It is the first of its kind curated creative asset tech platform committed to identify, handpick and onboard the best graphic artists, print designers, communication content creators, photographers, typography titans and creative masterminds and enable them to showcase and sell their finest works to an ocean of discerning national and international audience that comprises one of the best global giants, spirited start-ups, rooted regional players, awe-inspiring agencies and enterprising Indie-brands."

We expect this Indian brand to take the world by storm with their innovative solutions for all your creative, design & marketing woes, with just a "download". 

While addressing the creative community, the brand had this inspirational message to share,

Tuhin Roy says "We at Pixemix are committed to creating micro-entrepreneurs & empower entrepreneurial journeys, boost independence, reduce cost, keep organizations lean & future-ready, multiply revenues – divide worries, amplify peace of mind, connect the world of left & right brains, bridge global audience and enable strong community connect."

Source: Press Release