Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Sees Huge Adoption in India

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud Sees Huge Adoption in India

Oracle, which recently opened enterprise-grade Gen 2 Cloud region for its existing and new customers in India, is witnessing a huge demand from the Indian businesses - from verticals like education, jewellery, footwear, banking/finance -- to join its Autonomous Database Cloud services.

The Generation 2 enterprise cloud supports all legacy workloads while delivering modern cloud development tools, so enterprises in India can bring forward their past as they build their future.

India currently is the sixth largest market for Oracle globally in the data management space.

"We're the No 1 player in India with over 60 per cent market share in the database segment. The initial response for Oracle Autonomous Database has been fantastic from customers and we are very excited about our growth prospects here," Chema Aramburu, VP-Autonomous Database Cloud, Oracle JAPAC, told IANS in an interaction.

Currently, most of a company's data is locked in separate, often duplicative silos, even though the company's different business units are all seeking the same or similar insights.

"What if the organisation could create an internal data exchange and bring the entirety of this valuable resource together so that they can see the value that's hiding in their data and use it in new and innovative ways?" asked Aramburu.

"What if, at the same time, they can bring the transaction costs of getting the data different users want, into the shape they need it, down to near zero?"

This is the power Oracle Autonomous Database gives to businesses -- self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing Cloud services.

"The JAPAC region (Japan and Asia-Pacific) has been the home for a great number of our early adopters, several of whom are from India, and are already seeing tremendous business value," said the Oracle executive.

Armed with deeper and more meaningful insights, these customers have been able to significantly improve and fast-track business decisions, introduce new products/services to market quicker and create a smarter workforce.

Oracle Autonomous Linux is another important step towards bringing the autonomous enterprise to life.

"We have made the database and now the operating system autonomous, and included autonomous capabilities in our Oracle Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure," informed Aramburu.

In India, businesses are looking at a secure cloud environment - be it on-premise or on cloud.

Bullish on its India operations, the Cloud major in October last year announced the availability of its first Gen 2 Cloud region in Mumbai, with plans to open another Gen 2 region in Hyderabad next year.

"From our vantage point, Oracle Gen 2 Cloud has the potential to play a critical role. It is the only true enterprise-grade cloud built from the ground-up to meet the needs of mission-critical applications, and give unprecedented performance, speed and security, along with low and predictable pricing," elaborated Aramburu.

It also supports all legacy workloads and cloud native development, so enterprises can bring forward their past as they build their future.

Sharda University, one of India's leading higher education institutions, wanted to elevate the learning experience for students, improve learning outcomes and also make faculty training more effective.

Traditional data management models didn't help unearth actionable insights on time.

By using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse along with Oracle Analytics Cloud, the university has been able to extract critical business insights much faster and expedite the insights-to-decision making cycle.

"The university has already started to witness improved student engagement and performance," said Aramburu.

Federal Bank aimed to improve the efficacy of its ATMs as well as the overall experience of customers.

The bank used Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud to focus on data from this area and in less than four weeks, was able to create an intuitive, user-friendly solution that empowered their senior leaders with actionable insights for faster, better decision making.

"Federal Bank is now able to determine customer footfalls and ATM transaction behaviours better and faster, thereby improving their bottom line," informed Aramburu.

Today, More than 15,000 customers in India are using Oracle to manage their mission-critical workloads

Source: IANS