NXP Semiconductors Aims to Double R&D in India, Eyes DLI Participation

NXP Semiconductors Aims to Double R&D in India, Eyes DLI Participation
NXP Semiconductors, a prominent Dutch chipmaker, is making significant strides in bolstering its presence and investments in India's semiconductor landscape. Hitesh Garg, the India Country Manager, revealed the company's ambitious plans to double its research and development (R&D) capabilities in India over the next three to five years. This expansion is coupled with an exploration of potential partnerships in wafer fabrication, testing, and packaging within the country.
With an eye on India's burgeoning semiconductor sector, NXP is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to participate in the Indian government's design-linked incentive (DLI) scheme, once it becomes accessible to multinational companies. Garg emphasized NXP's ongoing dialogue with the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) in this regard.
Over the past three years, NXP has nearly doubled its R&D efforts, a trend expected to persist in the coming years. The company's focus extends to system design, Artificial Intelligence (AI), software, and hardware competencies. AI, in particular, holds significant promise as a game-changer, with NXP leveraging its potential across various domains, including automotive applications.
NXP currently boasts over 4,000 engineers across its sites in India, strategically located in Noida, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Pune. These centers are pivotal in advancing AI-driven solutions for automotive and other sectors. Garg highlighted AI's pivotal role in enhancing efficiency across NXP's operations.
In the realm of semiconductor manufacturing, NXP is actively exploring partnerships, both globally and in India. While no official announcements have been made regarding partnerships in India, the company remains vigilant in assessing opportunities aligned with its strategic objectives. Garg underscored NXP's keen interest in India's evolving manufacturing ecosystem, particularly in fabrication and Assembly, Testing, Marking, and Packaging (ATMP) capabilities.
NXP's anticipation of India's DLI scheme expansion reflects its commitment to leveraging local opportunities for product development. The company is poised to capitalize on the scheme's potential once it encompasses multinational corporations. Additionally, NXP remains deeply engaged with India's startup ecosystem, offering mentorship and investment opportunities to foster growth within the electronics and semiconductor sectors.