Next Update of Google Chrome to Enable Faster Web Browsing

BANGALORE: Most of the times while browsing through mobile data on a Smartphone we encounter delay in loading pages. If you are a Google Chrome user, in the near future an update will change the slow loading web pages and save mobile data comparatively. The search giant has named the new technology as Brotli, reports NDTV.

Brotli is the new algorithm that delivers compression which makes the web page to be light and loads up quick. The beta version of Chrome is available on Canary channel.

According to the Google’s Web performance engineer, Ilya Grigorik, the new algorithm Brotli will replace the vastly used Zopfli encoding technology. The Brotli algorithm is a complete program now and soon will reach the Chrome users. However, the Brotli only works on HTTPS connections but it is 26 percent efficient than the current encoding technology.

Recently, Chrome received an update that boasted new features such as Safe Browsing and Android users got an option to cut down on the data consumption. Google declared that the team has built OS X web browser which works similar to Brotli.

Alongside data saving, Brotli will also help save battery as the process of downloading data decreases battery life on the devices. The novel algorithm utilizes LZ77 algorithm, Huffman coding and a second order context modelling.

Google will soon introduce the Brotli powered Chorme web browser in the PlayStore.

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