New Relic Unveils New Relic One, a Reimagined Observability Platform to Assist Companies

New Relic Unveils New Relic One, a Reimagined Observability Platform to Assist Companies

The most reliable cloud-based observability platform, New Relic (NYSE:NEWR) has delivered strategic updates to New Relic One, which is a powerful offering that bestows every engineer with a single platform to easily experience the benefits of full observability including enhanced uptime and availability, scale and efficiency, and faster time to market. The Founder & CEO of New Relic, Lew Cirne introduced a reimagined New Relic One through a video to customers. This reimagined version entails a clear intuitive user experience, powerful new capabilities, and simple, predictable packaging and pricing, thereby making it easy for engineers to deploy it in their business.

“From the beginning, New Relic has been focused on delivering a simple, yet powerful way to help every company and every engineer deliver more perfect software,” asserts Lew Cirne. “Every engineer deserves the benefits of observability. That’s why we’re taking a bold step in dramatically simplifying and reducing the total cost of instrumenting everything across their environment. Welcome to the new New Relic – your single source of truth for the performance of your digital business”.  In fact, the world’s best engineering teams rely on New Relic to visualize, analyze and troubleshoot their software.

The revamped New Relic One is a single source of truth for all of customers’ telemetry data and at a price point that can eliminate the barriers of adopting observability across customers’ full environment. Hence, customers can easily reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining diverse monitoring tools, thereby eliminating the need to switch between tools to investigate issues.

New Relic One encompasses everything organizations require to achieve observability such as Telemetry Data Platform to collect, visualize and alert on all types of application and infrastructure data at petabyte scale, Full-Stack Observability to easily analyze and troubleshoot the software stack across APM, infrastructure, logs and digital customer experience in one connected experience, and Applied Intelligence to detect, understand and resolve incidents faster. Once customers move beyond the free tier, they can avail Telemetry Data Platform priced at $0.25 per GB of ingest, Full-Stack Observability priced per seat license, and Applied Intelligence priced per transaction or event.

New Relic has also introduced a perpetual free offering for New Relic One so that every engineer can have instant access to New Relic’s powerful complete observability platform at no cost, forever. The new perpetual free offering includes access to New Relic One with no hidden costs entailing Telemetry Data Platform with 100 GB of data every month for free, Full-Stack Obersvability with one free full access user license, Applied Intelligence’s Proactive Detection with first 100 million app transactions per month for free, and Applied Intelligence’s Incident Intelligence with first 1000 incident events per month for free.