NASA to use Blockchain technology for air traffic management

NASA to use Blockchain technology for air traffic management

US space agency NASA is planning to advance its technology by adding Blockchain to secure air traffic services and support, the media reported.

The agency will work with an open source Blockchain platform called "Hyperledger Fabric" that is specifically designed for enterprise transactions that resemble typical air traffic management interactions, Ronald J. Reisman, an aero-computer engineer at the NASA Ames Research Centre, said in a statement.

Blockchain would address the potential issues of privacy, prevent spoofing, denial of service and other attacks, Reisman said. 

He asserted that Blockchain presents an engineering prototype that embodies a design and method that may be applied to mitigate security issues. 

"The design innovation is the use of an open source permissioned Blockchain framework to enable aircraft privacy and anonymity while providing a secure and efficient method for communication with air traffic services, operations support, or other authorised entities," he noted. 

The new framework also features certificate authority, smart contract support, and higher-bandwidth communication channels for private information that may be used for secure communication between any specific aircraft and any particular authorised member. 

The prototype demonstrates how this method can be economically and rapidly deployed in a scalable modular environment, Reisman said.


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Source: IANS