Mobile Malware On An All-Time High In The Past Three Months

BANGALORE: Most of the important and difficult tasks can be done easily on Smartphones these days. So the focus of fraudsters or hackers have changed direction from the computers, to Smartphones by targeting them with malware that might compromise the data, reports ITProPortal.

This can be justified by the number of malware identified by Kaspersky in the second quarter of the year. 291,800 is the number of malware programs that have been reported in the second quarter, which is three times that of what has been detected in the first three months of the year.

The mobile malware installation packages have increased seven times the number compared to the detected ones in the first quarter.

On an overall, Kaspersky was able to detect 379.9 million malicious attacks from all over the world and rebuffed them, but that was still 19 pct lower than what had been done in the first quarter.

In the last quarter, 23.9 percent of the world’s internet users came under the attack at least once.

Kaspersky Labs says that half of the malware programs they were detected launched from Russia. After Russia, there are other countries in line which are USA, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Virgin Islands, Ukraine, Singapore, the UK and then China.

The mobile trafficking has increased majorly in pursue of the bank accounts and the financial details that the Smartphone is used for in all the transactions. There were close to 5,900,000 notifications of malware programs attempts to infect your phone with the bug that makes stealing money online easy.


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