Make cross-browsing website testing easy with Comparium

Make cross-browsing website testing easy with Comparium

With the internet landscape burgeoning with millions of websites and web browsers, it has become essential for a webpage to test its compatibility across all the browsers in order to deliver a more uniformed experience to its users. This requires for a web page to employ a cross-browser compatibility testing tool which will ensure that the site is accessible from every web browser available on the Internet. However, finding the right cross-browsing website testing tool can be a rigorous task as most of the traditional tools consume a lot of time, resources and efforts.

But, with the introduction of Comparium, an automatic website testing tool it has become easier to verify the accessibility of your web page. Still in its development stage, the tool is expected to be launched in the near future. Be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer and Safari; Comparium supports all the different web browsers as well as their different versions.

A convenient web application that provides a user with the basis for their website testing, Comparium is compatible with any operating system and browser combination. The user-friendly tools have made the process of website testing a piece of cake wherein you just need to submit the web page’s test address and it will give you results in a couple of minutes. Being an automated tool, it has also eradicated the hassle of manually testing the cross-browser compatibility.

From Windows 10, 7, Mac OS X Mojave to Linux and High Sierra, Comparium lets you test your web page’s browser compatibility on any platform. With the introduction of offline report of website test results, the tool has also helps save time as the user no longer has to wait in front of his computer screen for results to be displayed. You just need to submit information about the web page after which screenshots will be provided to you in an instant on your e-mail.

As the company gears up to launch its fully-functional first version of the application, it already has the portfolio of its other three versions ready and in place. The other upcoming versions of Comparium which will release in the coming years are expected to offer user account with offline test scheduling, real-time web testing on a virtual desktop, access to API and other free, pro and enterprise plans which will give a new shape to the cross-browsing website testing space.

Make cross-browsing website testing easy with Comparium

Planning to expand its base to over 2.5 thousand different browsers, the first version of Comparium will be available for free and could be accessed by anybody who is looking to test the cross-browsing nature of their websites. From supporting different web browsers and their versions and browsers from different platforms to the offline availability of testing results, the launch of Comparium is set to change the visual compatibility testing space in the market.

With the tool’s efficiency to eliminate the manual labor of testing each and every combination and its proficiency in delivery quick and accurate results will make the company to be one of the best cross- browsing website testing players.