LinkedIn Unveils 'Live Event Ads' for Brand Awareness Boost

LinkedIn Unveils 'Live Event Ads' for Brand Awareness Boost
LinkedIn has unveiled a groundbreaking advertisement format dubbed 'Live Event Ads', aimed at assisting companies in boosting event registrations, fortifying brand awareness, and deriving tangible outcomes from their event investments on a global scale.
With LinkedIn witnessing a remarkable 34% year-over-year surge in professionals engaging with events on the platform, Live Event Ads emerge as a strategic tool for companies to promote their live events comprehensively - spanning the pre, during, and post-event phases.
Matt Tindale, the Head of Enterprise Solutions, APAC, emphasized the significance of this development, stating that Live Event Ads empower brands to connect with their target audience effectively, foster online communities, and enhance brand visibility among decision-makers.
Tindale further highlighted the authenticity and interactivity of Live Event Ads, emphasizing their role in facilitating genuine two-way dialogues with audiences, thus reinforcing trust and reputation.
Moreover, LinkedIn revealed plans to roll out additional ad offerings and measurement tools to assist brands in achieving impactful outcomes in a competitive landscape. These include LinkedIn CTV, Sponsored Articles, and Dynamic UTMs, which collectively offer a comprehensive suite of tools for brands to maximize their advertising potential and drive meaningful engagement on the platform.