Legrand India Launches Datacenter Infrastructure Solution for the addressable market size of INR 3000 crores

Legrand India Launches Datacenter Infrastructure Solution for the addressable market size of INR 3000 crores

Legrand India today announced the launch of Legrand Data Center Solutions (LDCS) which brings together a portfolio of global brands including Legrand, Numeric, Raritan & Server Technology under one specialist team. LDCS is designed to give maximum flexibility for growth, allowing the companies to easily and cost-effectively expand, modify or replace technology and applications in the least amount of time. Legrand Data Center Solutions are modular, scalable, and customizable and are thus, designed for agility.

Legrand Data Center Solutions offers the convenience of a one-stop customized data center infrastructure solution with the added flexibility of choosing a specific product or brand. User-centric design and flexible infrastructure are the highlights. LDCS will address a market size of INR 3000 crores. LDCS aims to become a preferred vendor of choice in 3-5 years’ timeframe. The team to support the LDCS business operations is formed and all the Group (global) products are being brought to the data center players in India.

Data centers are areas hosting critical applications and performing crucial tasks which consume a huge amount of energy and have evolving requirements. What one needs is a solution that lends itself to delivering exactly what is required, while keeping the performance and efficiency intact.  LDCS is a solution aimed to address the needs of all kinds of data centers, ranging from hyperscale to micro data centers. It offers a wide range of server and network racks, high-performance cooling solutions offering optimum cooling in all conditions, an industry-leading offer of extremely high-performance PDUs and switches for any installation configuration and detection and control and protection solutions for optimum security. Not just this, with a full range of three-phase UPS offering wide-ranging functionality simply and safely- LDCS is well-supported by the Indian R&D and manufacturing capabilities and is poised to be the preferred choice for any industry segment. LDCS also includes an all-in-one micro data center solution offering a complete and compact server room equipment for small offices.

LDCS clients globally include tech companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Colt and Equinox for global data center solutions.

Speaking on Legrand India’s forward integration of its business and brands portfolio,Tony Berland, MD & CEO, said, “Datacenters in India is growing at a very fast pace. We are witnessing a growth of about 8.5%. Companies across sectors are accelerating their digital adoption. With our global presence, experience, offering and current portfolio of brands in India, we felt it is time to demonstrate  our focus and support the data center market in India and make it future-ready. ”

Sanjay Motwani, Business Head, LDCS, added, “We are not diversifying. We are bringing multiple brands under one umbrella in India. We can mould the latest technologies to the customer’s requirement. We intend to support companies to stay ahead of the curve. Our solution is designed for agility, which essentially means that it is a solution which can deliver what the customer wants, in a way that is flexible, fast and scalable. With the government sharing the cause for data center infrastructure development, there is more and more reason to believe that Legrand Data Center Solutions will have a compelling growth story unfolding for itself. ”

Source: Press Release