Kaspersky and IIT Delhi Collaborate for Cybersecurity Talent Development in India

Kaspersky and IIT Delhi Collaborate for Cybersecurity Talent Development in India
Global cybersecurity firm Kaspersky and the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) have formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on advancing cybersecurity research and educational programs at the institute. The partnership aims to strengthen the cybersecurity workforce in India by promoting education and research initiatives. This agreement reflects the joint commitment of Kaspersky and IIT Delhi to enhance collaboration for bolstering the security of the computing environment in India and globally.
The MoU encompasses the exchange of knowledge and expertise, creation of educational materials, promotion of cybersecurity awareness events, and sponsorship of merit awards to motivate IIT Delhi students to pursue careers in ICT and Cybersecurity. This collaboration aims to increase the appeal of IIT Delhi graduates in the job market by incorporating the institute's educational and scientific activities and introducing new training courses and programs that equip graduates with sought-after competencies.
"The demand for cybersecurity professionals is expected to grow exponentially as India cements its position as the world’s technology and innovation hub. Our collaboration with IIT Delhi proves our enduring commitment to the country to help further develop its programs to create more skilled and expert local cybersecurity professionals. We must collaborate to develop the expertise and skills required to protect against cyber threats, which are increasing in both volume and sophistication. This collaboration will help to produce higher calibre cybersecurity experts in India and contribute to a more secure digital world,” commented Adrian Hia, Managing Director for Asia Pacific at Kaspersky.
Highlighting the significance of this collaboration, Professor Preeti Ranjan Panda, Dean Corporate Relations of IIT Delhi, emphasized the imperative role educational institutions play in preparing the younger generation to counteract evolving cyber threats. "As cyber threats continue to surge in complexity alongside technological advancements and automation, it is of paramount importance to equip our youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to defend against these challenges", stated Professor Panda.
"This collaboration aims to empower students and researchers with cutting-edge insights and practical skills required to navigate the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity with the help of Kaspersky, which is recognized as a leading and trusted cybersecurity entity", added Professor Naresh Bhatnagar, Dean of Research & Development of IIT Delhi.
Ms. Evgeniya Russkikh, Head of Academic Affairs, said, "Kaspersky Academy Alliance is part of the company’s mission to drive the best cybersecurity education to build a safer world. It is an all-inclusive solution dedicated to strengthening our partner universities’ information security programmes through skills development of students and specialist training for the teaching staff". This partnership aligns with Kaspersky's worldwide dedication to cultivating cybersecurity capabilities and expertise. The company has previously entered into comparable agreements with various universities and academic institutions across the world.