Is Technology-Induced Agriculture All Set to Bring in Transformation?


We all are aware of the fact that India is agricultural land. It ranks second among the top agricultural countries across the world. The Indian Economic Survey states that nearly 50 percent of India's population relies on agriculture, but their contribution towards the country's Gross Domestic Profit (GDP) is only about 17-18 percent, which just marks a fifth of the country's GDP.

There could be various reasons for the poor outcome of agriculture, such as depleted ground-water, poor seed quality, deprived soil condition, lack of marketing linkage, improper transport, and storage facility, and more. This indeed has cost over thousands of lives of the farmers. Citing all the disasters, the Indian government is looking forward to elevate the farmer's income two times by 2022. But the problems mentioned above have caused a considerable gap in the agricultural sector. Agri-tech emerges as the solution to bridge this gap.

 Let us quickly take a look at what agri-tech has to offer the Indian farmers, broadening the scope of technology in agriculture.