Is AI the Go-to Option For Modernizing a Workplace?

Is AI the Go-to Option For Modernizing a Workplace?

Artificial intelligence has been widely transforming every aspect of our life and work life is no exception to this revolution. The rise of technology has helped us lay our hands on vast information that benefits people in their career growth. AI has the potential to handle even the most repetitive tasks throughout the organization most efficiently. This, in turn, would free the resources of HR, IT, administration and other areas. Thus, they could focus on the other crucial tasks to improve the productivity of themselves as well as the organization.

Alongside, with the rise in AI utilization, India has also increased its AI workforce from 40,000 to 72,000 in 2019. Let us see how leveraging AI is transforming the workplace.

Improves Internal communication and Support System  

AI provides a support system which could answer an employee's queries spontaneously. Generally, various departments of the organization have a lot of crucial works such as HR team holding the responsibility of improvising the workplace to benefit the employees, IT working on the network and data security, while, the management would focus on conducting events and parties. These tasks are primary and most significant but certain repetitive and mundane tasks have put the primary tasks in the back seat. Thus, to free up other departments, AI offers service desk that would automatically answer the employee's queries.

Job Training

Learning is a continuous process, especially at the workplace. But, a regular training session would require a professional trainer and ample time would be spent on the training sessions. Also, the training might not provide complete practical knowledge. Using AI technology the organizations could improvise the training sessions. Some organizations have merged AR-VR with AI to offer proficient training. Both these technologies have the potential to record the task while it's performed. Later, the new hires could learn their lessons by watching these recordings, wearing an AR headset. This measure would enable the organization to capture the work procedures of efficient employees and retain it as the company's asset even after those employees quit their job.

Increases Productivity

Adopting AI in various department of the organization has certainly increased the company's overall productivity. AI could manage the basic tasks such as scheduling meetings, performing mundane and recurring works, creating basic reports in a spreadsheet, and more. Thus, it releases the employees from these regular tasks allowing them to focus on work that involves creativity and problem-solving skills. This would not just increase the company's productivity but the employee's caliber as well.

The benefits of AI adoption for both the organization as well as the employees have been evident.  The growing alliance of machines and humans would ease the workload, help the organizations in cost-cutting and support them to grow further. And the organization's growth would eventually create an opportunity for new hires. With future technological development, we can expect much efficient automation.