Innovation Improves Construction Management: Vakkalanka

Innovation Improves Construction Management: Vakkalanka

The construction indus­try in India has come a long way over the last 15 years in terms of em­bracing innovations in construction technology, enhancing conventional approach and thereby improve the delivery methods. The Industry has started to accept and promote many innovative methods, practices, systems, processes, materi­als, equipment, and training meth­odologies, but there still exists many opportunities.

Any innovation is subject to ac­ceptance/rejection review, cost-bene­fit analysis and to define a measura­ble outcome for the Company, Client and Customers. Some of the Innova­tions that have provided a positive, measurable outcome are accepted for replication or adaptable for all within the industry. World is going towards digital and every industry is embrac­ing on creating the digital assets

The outcome of some of these has contributed to the following:

·        Improved efficiency

·        Improved business processes

·        Overcome Project challenges

·        Collaborate various stake holders on digital platform

·        Enhance Company’s reputation

·        Improve the Company’s profitability

The legacy says that the major resources for the construction indus­try is nothing but Men (Workforce), Machinery and Material. Informa­tion Technology and Innovation in­troduced several tools to improve the efficiency and provide better profit­ability they have become essential re­sources now. Examples of such tools that changed the industry to work on very efficient way and gave the predicting analysis power are;

·        Scheduling tools

·        Drawing tools

·        BIM Tools

·        Estimation tools

·        Document management systems

·        Integrated Project & Program management tools

·        Equipment management & moni­toring tools

·        GIS & GPS equipment

Industry also embraced new con­struction methods, Alternative ma­terial from industry waste/ by-prod­ucts and process methodologies on project execution to bring efficiency. Some of the examples are:

·        Formwork

·        Fly ash bricks/Gypsum boards etc.

·        LEAN and IPD

·        Last Planner & Pull Planning

·        Safe working conditions

Turner’s Commitment to Innovation:

Turner holds Innovation as key to the future construction practices and has strong commitment from senior management. Special emphasis has been laid on imparting Lean, BIM, Formwork and Alternative Material practices. Turner has executed pro­jects utilizing these concepts success­fully in international markets and is committed on implementing these innovations in India.

Turner runs entire Construction process in Digital Platform right from Design/modelling to project handover. The Information Services is playing a pivotal role on business growth in way the resource pro­duces optimum output with highest quality which is creating standards for the industry. Turner’s project management tools not only help­ing the Turner’s team to monitor & manage project efficiently but also bringing necessary collaboration amongst stake holders and provide the required information to every key individual to take decisions as prescribed.