India sees 4-spot jump in median mobile speeds globally

India sees 4-spot jump in median mobile speeds globally
As 5G roll-out picks up speed thanks to Reliance Jio and Airtel, India climbed four spots for median mobile speeds globally in the month of April, from 64th position in March to 60th.
Median mobile download speeds in India increased from 33.30 Mbps in March to 36.35 Mbps in April, according to network intelligence and connectivity insights provider Ookla.
Overall, India showed improvement in its global ranking for median fixed broadband speeds, moving from the 84th position in March to the 83rd position in April.
The country's performance in fixed median download speeds witnessed a slight increase from 50.71 Mbps in March to 51.12 Mbps in April.
Qatar led the chart for global median mobile speeds, whereas Senegal jumped 16 spots in rank globally.
For overall global fixed median speeds, Bahrain registered the highest increase in rank, jumping by 14 spots globally, with Singapore sustaining the first spot this month as well.
In January, India ranked at 69th position globally in median mobile speeds, while, in February, India ranked at 67th position.
Meanwhile, Qualcomm is rolling out 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) in collaboration with Reliance Jio to serve millions of residents in India, the chip-maker's President and CEO Cristiano Amon has said, as the country doubles down on providing 5G services to all by the end of the year.
With the roll-out of 5G in India, the global chip-maker had bolstered its efforts with Reliance Jio to help it fast connect 100 million homes through its 5G FWA, including the millimetre wave (mmWave).
Source: IANS