IIT-M students Showcase Social Media Hatespeech Detection Project

IIT-M students Showcase Social Media Hatespeech Detection Project

Hate speech detection on social media, text-to-braille converter are some of the projects that were showcased by the students of Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) at the Centre For Innnovation (CFI) Open House on Saturday.

In a statement issued here, IIT-M said the students from CFI showcased some of their cutting-edge innovations and technologies to the public.

The hate speech detection project is about extracting data from popular social media sites and perform sentiment and statistical analysis on the same to obtain the overall Sentiment and Temperament regarding a particular keyword or tweet.

And further enhancing the solution with hate speech detection.

On the other hand, the text-to-braille converter provides a viable solution for the problems faced in using the existing devices.

According to IIT-M, the existing digital braille reading devices are bulky and expensive. Only five per cent of visually impaired people own one. Also, only three per cent of all text content is available in braille.

The students team has engineered a portable text-to-braille interactive device.

Source: IANS