iBwave Introduces FiberPass - A New Way to Accelerate FTTH Network Deployments

iBwave Introduces FiberPass - A New Way to Accelerate FTTH Network Deployments

iBwave that enables billions of end users and devices to connect inside a wide range of venues, introduced a new solution – FiberPass™, on the 14 of January 2019, which is a new solution that is being used by some of the largest network operators in North America to deploy FTTH networks inside commercial and residential buildings, enabling faster and more reliable services to businesses and residents.

With a strong focus on automating the design and deployment lifecycle of a FTTH project, iBwave's new FiberPass solution has already helped major operators expedite their fiber deployment initiatives.  In response to this Kevin Smith, Vice President – Network Planning, Verizon commented, "We've chosen iBwave FiberPass because it helps automate the FTTH in-building planning and design process. We've already seen significant gains through several successful trials in the Northeastern part of the country, deploying fiber quickly and effectively to multi-dwelling units."

Besides this, Claude Echahamian, CEO, iBwave Solutions stated, “"For the last few years, we've seen that many of the large operators who use our wireless design software need a solution to help them accelerate the deployment of the FTTH networks inside buildings to keep up with customer demand. Before FiberPass, the in-building design process typically took several weeks.  But with the introduction of our FiberPass solution, the design process was reduced to days.”

"We're very proud of our continued partnership with Verizon, which started back in 2008 with iBwave Design for indoor wireless projects. As Verizon leads the way deploying FTTH networks across the USA, we're happy to be by their side, enabling wireless and wireline in-building network convergence thanks to the combination of iBwave Design with our ground-breaking FiberPass solution. For us, it's all just part of laying the groundwork for a 5G future," concluded Claude Echahamian.

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