How to Compress 4K Video to 1080P without Quality Loss

How to Compress 4K Video to 1080P without Quality Loss

The modern world requires hi-tech gadgets like mobiles, camcorders, DSLRs, and laptops, etc.Everyone has the ability to shoot videos using these gadgets but if you’re a professional and need to edit these videos you need certain software programs that help you refine your product. 4K UHD videos can be shot easily but these heavy videos do not easily play on laptops. The oversized video files get interrupted while playing or uploading on social networks, and are too large to be emailed or even sending through WhatsApp is difficult. They fill up your storage space making it difficult for users to store more stuff.

That's really a headache, right? Actually there is a very easy solution to all of these problems, i.e. video compressor software like WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe could be of great help. This video tool helps users compress large 4K video files by up to 90% with high quality reserved for excellent playback, easy storage, and faster uploading and sharing.

Now the developer is offering licensed copies of the video converter for free . Go to this page to get a licensed copy to experience each amazing feature in person.

How to Compress 4K Video to 1080P without Quality Loss

Why choose WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe?

  • WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe offers complete support for all video types no matter if it is shot by a camcorder, a normal phone or any professional equipment, keeping you away from the trouble of format incompatibility.
  • It can reduce video size by up to 90% via reducing the video resolution, adjusting codec, bit rate and frame rate and removing any unwanted parts.
  • It preserves 98% of the original quality of data using its High-quality engine and De-interlacing engine. It offers the fastest speed as it is powered by Intel/ NVIDIA/AMD hardware-accelerated GPUs.
  • This video converter not only accepts all form of videos but also has the capability to make incompatible videos friendly with SNS, game consoles, iPhone, iPads, Android, TV, and many other devices.
  • Edit, trim and merge files with ease: the video editor allows you to trim video clips, crop unwanted parts, merge different clips together.
  • Add subtitles of the language of your choice and attach external SRT subtitles downloaded online.
  • Highest Quality at the smallest possible size: The software has an embedded High-Quality Engine and De-interlacing Engine along with Auto Copy tech that optimizes image quality and reduces the noise. The definition is also adjusted to make the file smaller. The GPU acceleration as mentioned before also helps compress file with high resolution at a faster bitrate.

How to Compress 4K to 1080P without Quality loss using WinX HD Video Converter

After knowing the amazing features of this 4K video compressor, let's have a look at how to compress 4K to 1080P without sacrificing any image quality. First of all, download and launch the program on PC and then you can convert the video file in three easy steps, that is, Add your video> Select output format> Start the conversion.

How to Compress 4K Video to 1080P without Quality Loss

1. Import the oversized 4K video files by simply clicking “+Video” option or drag and drop desired files. You could import more than one 4K video at a time.

2. Once the files are uploaded an “Output Profile” window will automatically pop up. You can choose from a list of preset formats. To reduce video size, you could go General Profiles and choose MP4 (H.264 codec), which is compatible with most devices and comes with the small size. And then, click on the Settings button, and choose 1920×1080 or 1280×720 from the drop-down Resolution menu to  downscale 4K to 1080p /720p as per your personal demand.

There are many other options available, for instance, to Music (if audio needs to be extracted), Device Profile, Web Video Profile (transcode video file to MP4 for uploading anywhere), Common Video Profile (convert files to PC/Mac, NTSC/PAL DVD format, HD). Select any of the above-mentioned options and click OK.

3. Start the conversion by hitting “Run” and if you want to change the output location click browse and change file destination.

Some other tips that might be of use to new users:

  • Enable “Intel” or “Nvidia ” to improve speed of conversions.
  • Using High-Quality engine will improve image quality.
  • Set “De-interlacing” for non-interleaving video.
  • Auto Copy option can be selected if the output file and input file have the same codecs.
  • You also the option of “Stop” when the file is being converted. Also, you can select the option to run the file or switch off the computer once the file is converted.
  • Download online videos or make a slide show of photos.

This program is an excellent choice for users not only to downscale 4K video resolution, switch formats as well as improve HD videos for playback on any device you own.

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